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Law firm “Markevičius, Gerasičkinas and partners” is the legal person, whose general activity is the liable and sure rendering of all the legal services. Having the long years of experience rendering the legal services of wide spectrum and being oriented to the long collaboration, we try to warrant the interests of clients thoroughly. The most important principles of our work are: the confidence of clients, expedition, professionalism, confidentiality and collaboration.

Responsibility Professionalism Quality Experience

Areas of expertise

We render legal services both to the private and business clients in all spheres of law, we specialize in representation at court and other alternative institutions of dispute resolution. We render services in Lithuanian, English, Russian and German languages.

Performance Confidentiality Quality Reliability
List of areas of expertise
Vytautas Markevičius
Vytautas Markevičius
Managing Partner, Attorney (1995 – 1999 m., 2006 m.)
E-mail vytautas.markevicius@marger.lt Phone: +370 5 2126661, +370 5 2120544 Fax +370 5 260 87 72 Languages: Lithuanian, English, Russian

Dispute resolution

Constitutional law

Administrative law

Professional career

2006 03 – Managing Partner

2005 04 – Attorney

2001-2004 – Minister of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania

2000-2001 – Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania

1999 – Vice-minister of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania

1995-1999 – Attorney

1991-1993 – Head of Department of Law Enforcement, Government of the Republic of Lithuania

1985-1991 – Vilnius City District Prosecutor’s Office


1985 – Vilnius University Faculty of Law (Master of Laws)


Vytautas Markevičius
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Diana Darulytė Director of Administration
Andrej Samoilovič
Andrej Samoilovič Chief Financial Officer, Tax advisor
Monika Noreikaitė Administrator
Šarūnas Sabalevskis
Šarūnas Sabalevskis Lawyer
Vaiva Verikaitė
Vaiva Verikaitė Lawyer
Danielius Matonis
Danielius Matonis Lawyer
Ramūnas Klimašauskas
Ramūnas Klimašauskas Attorney‘s assistant
Kazimieras Vasiliauskas
Kazimieras Vasiliauskas Attorney‘s assistant
Vytautas Markevičius
Vytautas Markevičius Managing Partner, Attorney
Vladas Gerasičkinas
Vladas Gerasičkinas Managing Partner, Attorney
Ramūnas Kontrauskas
Ramūnas Kontrauskas Partner, Attorney
Martynas Žilinskas
Martynas Žilinskas Partner, Attorney
dr. Deividas Poška
Dr. Deividas Poška Partner, Attorney
Julius Petrulionis
Julius Petrulionis Attorney
Justas Čobotas
Justas Čobotas Attorney
Haroldas Ivanauskas
Haroldas Ivanauskas Attorney
Ieva Brasiūnienė
Ieva Brasiūnienė Attorney
Augustinas Vaičiūnas
Augustinas Vaičiūnas Attorney
Mindaugas Dūda
Mindaugas Dūda Attorney
Valdas Bugelevičius
Valdas Bugelevičius Attorney
Vytautas Kaklys
Vytautas Kaklys Attorney
Egidijus Matonis
Egidijus Matonis Attorney


Only the collective organized of individually strong and motivated persons, who are able to work in a team, can reach for the legal services, which best accord with the expectation of clients. That is why we raise especially high requirements not only for the present members of the team, but also for the candidates.


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